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This page contains contact information for all the members of Project. From here you can send e-mail to project members, or visit their personal home pages.

Project participants:

bullet Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Air Quality Research & Meteorological Research, Helsinki.
Jaakko Kukkonen, Mikhail Sofiev, Pilvi Siljamo (mail addresses:
bullet University of Turku (UT), Aerobiological Unit, Department of Biology, Turku.
Auli Rantio-Lehtimaki (mail: ahrantio (at), Hanna Ranta (mail: hanranta (at)
bullet University of Helsinki (UH), Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences & Department of Forest Ecology, Helsinki.
Heikki Hanninen, Tapio Linkosalo (mail addresses:

Project collaborators:
(participating with own resources)

bullet Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA), Muhos Research Station, Finland
Eero Kubin (mail address:
bullet Medical University of Vienna, HNO Clinic (co-ordinator of European Aeroallergen Network EAN), Austria.
Siegfried Jaeger (mail address:
bullet Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Copenhagen, Denmark.
Alix Rasmussen (mail address: alb (at)
bullet NORUT IT AS, Norway
Kjell Arild Hogda (mail address: Kjell-Arild.Hogda (at)
bullet Main Geophysical Observatory (MGO), St. Petersburg, Russia.
Eugene Genikhovich (mail address: ego (at)
bullet Moscow State University (MSU), Palinology Group, Moscow.
Elena Severova (address:

Data contributors:

bullet University of Vigo, Spain, Dr Victoria Jato
bullet Phenological Data in the Data Base of the Nationale Klimadatenbank of Deutscher Wetterdienst, Germany
bullet Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Slovak Republic
bullet Czech Hydrometeorological Institute Prague, Chech Republic
bullet Phenological Data in the Data Base of Meteoswiss, Switserland
bullet Phenological monitoring network of the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Finland
bulletEuropean Centre on Medium-range Weather Forecast ECMWF
bulletUK Phenological Network

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